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LDS Temple Products & Gifts Ideas

Whether it's you or someone you know in your family, somebody is accumulating the family file cards. You know, the pink and blue index cards you take to the temple to keep record of all the LDS temple ordinance work that is being done for your ancestors. Managing the growing stacks of cards can be daunting and sticking the cards between the pages of your Book of Mormon just doesn't seem to be the proper way to store these precious cards.

We boldly declare that LDS temple family file cards represent more than just a name. In fact, they are treasured souls to keep. See how we came up with the name? It is so important that we celebrate this great work and hold sacred the bond we create with our own ancestors. This is what our company is all about!

Treasured Souls to Keep offers the best management and storage system for ordinance cards within the LDS product market today. With our system, you can keep track of all the work that's being done from Baptism through Sealing and store them away in a special place that will reflect how you truly feel about these treasured ancestors.

If you're the one managing all the cards, then these are the perfect LDS products for you. They make a great gift for someone you know who manages family file cards for their own family as well. Perhaps while reading this, you've thought of a relative who's managing the cards within your family. They will be grateful for this thoughtful and useful gift.

In addition to providing this fabulous storage system, we offer other LDS products. When you wear our jewelry, mark your place in the Book of Mormon with our bookmark, or grab your keys with our keychain on it, you'll be able to keep genealogy and temple work at the forefront of your mind as you see the beautiful Treasured Souls to Keep charm that is incorporated with each of these products.

So, this is the place to be if you are looking for the best LDS products and LDS gift ideas. Shop now among this online catalog and reach out to us with any questions. You can call us at (801) 254-9023 or email us at to get excellent customer service.

We hope you will return to our site around any holiday and celebration, like Christmas and Birthdays, and all occasions for that matter; to give this wonderful and unique gift for LDS members, genealogists, and temple patrons.